You know what pisses me off most about her?

What pisses me off most about her is I dont hate her.

I dont hate her at all even though I have every reason to.

I dont hate her because she tried everything she could to make me.

I should hate her but I dont.

I dont understand. I am disgusted at her ignorance but I truly dont hate her

You know what pisses me off most about her?

Is that normal?


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  • Well it's good to see you are taking some responsibility for her actions against you!

    • I guess nobody here is a therapist

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    • You are way off. but I hope you appreciate most helpful opinion anyways

    • By the way... I don't see how anyone didn't read that I don't hate her. I want to but I can't. Even though I bailed her out of jail after she she was charged with 3rd degree assault of her ex boyfriend and stealing $1000.00 of credit cards. Then I had to drive her every single day to do her breathilizers and UA's so she wouldn't go back to jail.
      I watched over her when nobody else would and I couldn't get her to love me because I was stuck in a position where I had to help too much.
      I caught her sleeping in a tent with a Russian dude.
      We had sex once.
      Having to be stuck not being able to walk away was the worst thing in the world for me.
      When I was able to walk away, she didn't go get remanded and she didn't use her money for ankle monitor. Instead she bought a plane ticket to Bakersfield so she would be sentenced two years in jail and lives with her drug addict da that will hook her back on drugs again

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  • dont hate girls, they are flowers

  • What did she do?

    • Yeah, what did she do? I agree with
      @I-love-people girls are flowers­čî╗

    • There's a guy I know and I wish I could hate him but I don't and I have also tried everything I could to make him hate me. I think he does now. Yeah women do stupid shit. Especially the ones who who feel as if they will never be good enough.

    • I would have to write a novel and sell it on Amazon to tell you

  • Beats me man!


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