How do you get over a guy you completely fell for?

I fell for a guy and he broke up with me. I feel like crap but I can't seem to get over him.


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  • I won't say is going to be easy, but you need forgive him and forgive yourself cuz forgiveness is a release of all anger and resentment against the person who hurt you. just to feel free from your past and ready to step fully into the present.
    (sorry for what a you've been through)
    don't worry everything is temporary, you'll be ok soon. just focus on yourself and everything will be ok.

    Good luck...


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  • i feel you i still can't get over a guy who cut me off a year ago, try to occupy your mind with other things i always pretend i have a new boyfriend in my sleep so i won't think of him, imaginary boyfriend kinda helps but the thought of the guy i love still peeps in my mind... but it kinda hurts less... because i pretend things are serious with my imaginary boyfriend

    • reason i dont find a real one is because i dont wanna play with anyone's emotions plus im very picky

    • Thanks good idea.

    • I'm picky as well which makes it so much harder to see him go

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  • There were two girls I completely fell for and could not make the relationships last as I had hoped for. I don't think you ever get over or forget those kind of individuals. One girl was my first true love and I put her on a pedestal which I found out later was not where she wanted to be. I was 15 and so was she. I was afraid to try anything with her for fear she would think I was not worthy of being her boy friend.

    I did have thoughts of massaging her breasts and maybe sliding a finger or two in her but when we were together, I just couldn't get over the feeling of her looking down on me because I wanted to do something sexual. Later, after she broke it off and broke my heart, a girl friend of hers told me the reason she broke it off was that she was ready for sexual relationship with a guy. I still think about her and wish now I had been brave enough to rub her in both places.

    Now, I just think about all the great times I had with her and not the break up. It has helped cope with my own fault at the relationship. Love the thoughts and images you have of him or her, and move on. It does get better.

  • Time is probably the best way to get over someone. Another good advice would be to keep busy so you're not sat about thinking about him.

  • Divert your mind somewhere else
    Make some friends or enjoy or keep yourself busy by doing things you like 😊


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