Why does my ex keep in touch with his exes?!

OK so my ex really broke my heart, and now he's dating someone else etc I noticed he still talks to his other ex gfs (cause I think he doesn't have any friends except with his ex gfs).

Him and I were close friends...he took my virginity then dumped me. And then he still wanted to be friends! Now that I am sitting thinking about this, I just realized that if he is still friends with his exes, did he think that even if he broke up with me I would still be friends with him like nothing happened?

Because if this hunch of mine is true, then that is the most f***ed up thing ever :(


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  • let´s face it, jerks, they do exist. and your guy is one of them. forget him! you can´t trust guys like this. stop communicqting with him>. girl you could do so much better for yourself


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