Do you mind if your ex-girlfriend hangs out a lot with your family?

So guys do you mind if your ex-girlfriend hangs out a lot with family?your family likes her a lot and they are 2gether everyday... does this thing do it more difficult to get a ex back?

i want him back so much after a year he wanted that we hang out 2gether go to coffee out etc...and he said to me that I should visit his family often, I live in their neighbor and it is difficult to not see them his sister is always with me and his mom too...they like me very much but now when we are so much close to each other he doesn't care anymore to go out with me ..i don't know if this is because he sees me and there is no need to call and go out to coffee... and he used to visit me but he doesn't do it anymore...


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  • i wouldn't date a girl that hangs out with my family, once the family in on it theirs no private world.

    3 worlds, friends, family, love. Once there been love then that world is out, then friends with his sister, that one shot, and now you got the family. I can see why he doesn't do anything for you because honestly he has no space if his sister and mother talk about you, he see's you with them, lol

    • Omg :( I made teh biggest mistake :(

      what to do now ? is there any help? does it help to not contact them anymore and just try to go out with ex ?

    • Never date an ex. Instead of worrying about love. Get a great job, or do the best you can in school, enjoy time with ya friends because 18-22 is the time you get to explore your self instead of being bounded to a one view world. We are here to live and learn. Go to a gym 3 times a week for 1 hour each day, better your self physically and take up hobbies and clubs to work your mental so you have more things to talk about, and look better than ever aswell meet new people instead of stalking an ex!

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  • Quit crying about this, yes it is weird if an ex wants to hang out with my family, that is borderline stalker right there, I would be p*ssed if my ex wanted to hang out with my family your broken up, just leave it at that and find a new guy, your a chick it shouldn't be that difficult for you.

    • But this is different....i wasn't after them at all...we had very weird relationship with my ex..last summer we didn't even said hello to each other and we fought a lot... but then before christmas he called me to his family and we had a lot of fun and after this he called me always and wante to see me..then I moved to his neighbor and he still called me and visit me then he said that I should visit often his family and I did but it is still his sister who calls me around

    • It's still weird hell I wouldn't want my exes hanging out with my siblings, I would put a stop to that real quick.

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