How do you deal with your ex-boyfriend?

How do you deal with your ex-boyfriend of 5 years, hooking up with a ho? (not over exaggerating) It makes me literally sick to think of the two of them..especially when they kiss at school events and in front of mutual friends.


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  • Well when my ex boyfriend of 6 years does this I just remember that he spent all of those years with ME and not her. She can kiss on him all she wants but she'll more than likely never measure up to your level in his life. Even if you guys aren't together then you're always still going to be his first everything (I'm assuming).

    • Oh yeah, I know that she won't. I mean, she is DISGUSTING, and she's still telling her ex she loves him. We grew up with this girl and my ex used to talk about how gross she was even to her ex. He seems to be so lonely and lost, ya know? It's like she was the first easy thing around, and he's just THAT desperate. And yeah, he was my first everything. We've never done more than basic making out with anyone else, but he has with her..and she came up to me in the hall the other day and we got in a

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    • Yea that's the best thing to do, I'm sure he'll be back real soon (: Thanks and Good luck!

    • Awh, okay. Thanks so much! and good luck to you too. :)

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