"Ex" just talked to me last night about....what should I do?

Last night after like a week, my "ex," I put quotes around it because we were never considered a couple, we essentially were for about 4 months but then it fizzled out because of her new job. (she works until really late at night, so communication was tough)

She imed me the other night saying she misses me and is sorry for being such a douche, and that she kicks herself all the time for it. (she was really hot and cold near the end of the relationship)

We're at different colleges, but I still really love her...and I don't know what to do. If I was going to talk to her about a possible relationship again, how should I go about that? Or do you think I shouldn't and just wait for her a little bit more? The only thing is that I felt like she controlled a lot of the relationship near the end, and I DON'T want that to happen again. It wrecked me.



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  • If you are at different colleges and she still has a job that causes her to work late at night, how regularly can you see each other? Relationships thrive on physical contact, and not just for sex.

    I also could not tell how long ago it fizzled out, as you say. Was it a week ago? It is common that couples go back and forth in the process of breaking up, but it is still just steps towards breaking up, not towards getting back together. I personally would not try to get back with her. I don't see it working out based on the difficulties you would have seeing each other and talk to each other. Further, I believe that relationships end for a reason and when we try to get back together with an ex we end up being reminded why we brokeup.

    Hey, if you do end up giving it a try it isn't like you have a lot to lose, other than some extended frustration, but I do think you will end up in the same situation with her.

    • I disagree... Getting back can be good as long as the air is clear. Hell, I understand if someone cheated in the relationship, and I understand if he was getting back with her a few days after the break up, but they've both had time to clear their heads and think and now I reckon is a safe time for them to try it again... So long as they can see each other somehow... (train? skype?)

    • I have seen too many couples get back together and continue to repeat the same exact things that broke them up. Again, you can take a shot at it, but people usually don't change, even when they really want to. It's just hard. The fact that he feels she had all the control in the relationship at the end and that it just fizzled out, not good signs in my book.

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  • If she's still into you and your still into her, then go for it man. The only thing is you both need to take it slow, as if your meeting her for the first time all over again. She's the one who got a hold of you, that's good but don't take that for granted too much either. Just give it time, with time itself and see if you both can get back together little by little. You have something going here, best of luck and take care there.


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