How can I get him back?

OK so we dated for just about two years and I miss him like dam I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas I'm really heartbroken
to anyone who looks at this ? it is actully no longer a problem me and him are back together and very happy
but thank you for your answers


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  • how long was the break? I would take the time to look over what went wrong in that relationship and try to fix those things. have a discussion or prepare to have a discussion with your guy if you really want him back and figure out what you want to discuss.

    • Wow I feel so stupid but I know that I still have strong feelings for him because its been over a year now and I'm still missing him

  • What happened to cause the break up? Did you do something to upset him or did he just decide you were not the right one for him?

    • I don't really know he says it was just because he was confused of his feelings for me

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