When do you give up?

At what point in a relationship do you give up? I've been trying to date this girl and things are progressing but slower than I've ever experienced. I'm just curious how long people take before they feel like things just aren't going anywhere.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Honestly, there are so many factors that have to be taken into consideration, and all those factors depend on the person you're with. I say this because, personally, these are the things I consider when/if/how long to continue a relationship (which is different for every guy):

    -What's their natural demeanor? (are they usually outgoing? Are they introverted or shy?) If she's normally outgoing & easily opens up to people, and yet the relationship seems to be going unusually slow, I wouldn't continue on with the relationship for much longer.
    -How do they typically respond? (Are their replies short and "business-like" or do they leave room for more and deeper replies/discussion?) Depending on the type of replies I get, I'd assess whether to continue or end it.
    -Do they seem to never have time for you? (If you genuinely like someone, you'd MAKE time for them, even if it's only a small chunk of time.)
    -What do you do when you spend time with each other? Do you usually enjoy the time? Does it seem like she enjoys the time, or do you find yourself initiating a lot?

    After asking myself those questions, I decide how much longer I should continue.

    Ultimately, though, communication is important. Rather than wondering, be straightforward and ask her where she feels this relationship is headed. Tell her how you feel about this relationship & your frustrations with it progressing so slowly.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't know depending on the girl and her past relationships and any problems that might have occured might be the reason. she's probably trying to test you. But im not in the situation you are so its your call. If you really like her then you'll stay a bit longer and see if the relationship progresses any further.


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  • It really depends usually I think long and hard before getting in a relationship, even if i'm monogamous with them, i don't declare our relationship till I feel comfortable and or asked. It's safe to assume yes, but in my past relationships it took about 3-4 months after seeing them that I started a relationship with them.

  • Usually 3. First week, I think "Ok, maybe h's just busy, nothing to worry about". Second week, I get more concerned and try to talk to him. By the third week if nothing has changed, I'm done.


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