Why why why, What does it all mean?

Ex girlfriend of a year, she has had a new boyfriend for 7 months, her and I use to text everyday since we broke up until 2 months ago when she lied to me about wanting to see me and then cancelled and I found out she was somewhere else. She has blocked and unblocked me on FB about a dozen times over the past year and now she has blocked me again and unblocked me again just a few days ago. Why is she doing this now again. It has been about 4 months since the last time she blocked and unblocked me. I have tried to get her back until she lied to me. No contact since.
  • Still has feelings for me?
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  • Wants me out of her life?
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  • Wants me to continue chasing her?
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  • Problems with current BF?
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I have been chasing her for a year. She knows I am still in love with her, but how do I stop this cat and mouse game and get her to see me.
Any responses would greatly be appreciated and wanted!


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  • She can be one of those girls that just keeps her ex just in case it doesn't work out with somebody else, like a plan b or c, d, e ooooooor f? seems to be you're a backup-plan..


Most Helpful Guy

  • It seems like she knows that you're interested and has the option to run back whenever she wants. You can't lose a game that you aren't playing. Start a new game where you make the rules and have all the control. Stop chasing her and stop following her on Facebook. Women work off of emotion, not logic. So play the emotional side of things and start playing with that knowledge.


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