Coffee Date with ex! I'm not sure what to think... words of wisdom? warning?

3+ year relationship. I took for granted and didn't open up emotionally for a while. Been broken up since may (5 months or so...) I moved out in June, and since I have worked toward becoming the man she wanted me to be, and she's been out making friends and gaining the social life I always wanted her to have. She asked for a lot of space about 6 weeks ago we'd been talking off and on all summer (some dates), then she went ice cold. She went on a couple vacations, came back and started school and a new job. I finally reached out after zero contact for the 5 weeks and said I'd like to see her if that's something she's ready for - she waited a couple of days and said she could do coffee in a week. I really love her and dont want to lots this person in my life. I'm not sure if I broke too soon, worried she might not be ready to see me... but coffee can't be a bad thing right? if she was seeing someone, she'd tell me i would hope. Any opinions or advice?


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  • Well here is my advice to you.
    Get out of the mind set that you "need" her. This mindset will drive her away.
    Second, go into the coffee date, be cool, BE FUNNY. Do not ask her to get back together with you. Show her you are different, don't talk about it.
    When you guys are about to leave... say..."hey i really enjoyed this, wanna do dinner sometime this week?" If she says yes, she's into it, if she says no then she might not be into it or seeing someone. Keep things light. The more you push, the more she will back away.

  • If you do hook up make sure you have a condom.


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