Ex said it's over, how do I win him over to get him back?

So me and my ex only officially dated over the past summer for only about a month. But we still communicated a lot and it was like dating but never made anything official since he wanted to wait until after basketball season (endish of February). We had sex twice and the second time I got pregnant and he freaked out and told his mom and turned it into a huge thing. I had a miscarriage but never told him he just thinks I was playing games. When I told him I was pregnant he said we can get an abortion and that he's not going to leave me. Then e deleted me off Facebook&MySpace an told me to not talk to him or text him much anymore. When he called about a week ago so I could explain somethings(not that I had a miscarriage) he said he did love me and that he just doesn't want a girlfriend right now because he's too young (he's 18 in beg. of may). I texted him the other night saying how are you and last night after his basketball game I was at telling him the gators were on and he didn't get back to me either of those times. I don't know what to do I just want him back and should I eventually tell him I wasn't playing games and had a miscarriage or no because he will tell his mom possibly and make it a big thing again?


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  • You can't win him over again.


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