Guys, After break up with a hot ex girlfriend... Brokenhearted still (been like 2 months now) by the way. What do you do?


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  • It all comes down to how the breakup went, did she break from you or you break from her? Do you want to get back together? These are the questions that help dictate which direction you need to move in. After splitting from someone you had deep feelings for, moving on isn't as easy as reading about it or hearing about it. But it is something that needs to happen or not happen (I'll explain). If you need to move on because she dumped you and you have no chance, or you dumped her because there was something seriously wrong with the relationship, it's really important to focus on moving on. Work on yourself, take some you time, then get back out there and date again. However, it's not always the only option of walking away. Sometimes it's good to give it some time and try to turn it around. I don't know if you gave up or she gave up, but if you want to try again, after two months if she's still single, you might want to try to reopen a channel of communication. I'm currently trying to get back with my own ex, and it is a difficult road. So I warn you of the emotional pains you will suffer if you try to go back. Mostly, after a break up, I try to just go with which options seem right because you can't hide from your feelings or heart. Do what feels right and if it doesn't work out, at least you did what you felt was right.

    • I broke up with her. I went over her place & she was ignoring me. Didn't hug or kiss me hello when i got there. So i left, she followed me to the car. I told her i hate the way she treats me. As if im nothing. She stormed off with her arms crossed to her apartment. Later that night she was posting sexual innuendos online and getting lots of sexual responses from guys and she basically was inviting them over to her place. 2 days later i saw pictures she posted with these guys. I don't know what they did but they were definitely hanging out & at the club grinding. Week later she sends me a text. "I miss you" so we met up in person. Talked about shit, we told each other i love you but she also said she doesn't want a relationship right now just fun. & basically i told her i love her but i can't handle other guys. Month later passes with no contact & she texts me"i do love you don't you ever forget that". That was about 1 month ago. I never responded. NOW WHAT?

    • Well it's clear you still have feelings for this girl but she's not meeting you on the level you need right now. I would put her on the back burner and try to date someone else. If she comes back with something more than "I want to torture you", maybe you'll listen. Until that happens, you should be focusing on a relationship that isn't so hostile.

    • Thank you so much. I would buy you a beer if you were nearby. I needed to hear that. I felt like i was loosing my mind and getting fukked over at the same time

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