Why go through that much trouble?

My ex broke up with me, and he cried, saying that he loved me but needed to fix things about himself, but that he hoped I would give him a chance in the future... well two weeks later I found out he was already dAting someone else that I'm pretty sure he started talking to before we broke up. Why did he go through so much trouble of keeping this from me when he had already dumped me... I mean why did he make it seem like he was still in love with me and wanted me there...
Sorry we dating for 6months lived together actually, he's 33 has a 14 yr old daughter and I'm 24. His new girlfriend is 18.
We had our fights but nothing that I thought was big, he simply said he didn't want to be with me anymore so I packed my things and left.


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  • sounds like he was probably very young and or confused about what he wanted. From what little description you gave, the closest thing I would say is that he is suffering from some kind of emotional problem/depression.

    Probably for the best, as those types makes the clingiest, most jealous partners

    • He is 33 and I'm 24 and he is now dating an 18yr old

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    • Are not*

    • there's no real easy way to do it. The most humane method would be to ween her by messaging a little less gradually until there's almost no contact

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  • Ah because he wasn't thinking straight probably, you're what he knows what he's comfortable with. Usually people do use the excuse of wanting to work on themselves, don't leave the door open if he's going to use those words so loosely.


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