My ex signed up for Tinder a few days after dumping me. He even proceeded to match with me. Why would he do this?

This is the second time we have broken up over the course of three years. He has communication issues and has trouble balancing things in his life. If he has any sort of issue in the relationship he will hold it in instead of talking it through with me. Other than that we are great together. He ended things because he wasn't feeling the same and wanted to focus more on school. He said it had nothing to do with other women, but here he is on Tinder looking for them. And why would he match with me? I confronted him about it and he proceeded to unmatch me, but continues to use the site. He claims he still loves me and is having a hard time, but why would he try to show me he was on Tinder by matching with me? Seems like he doesn't love me at all...


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  • He's doing it to be an immature toad, presumably.

    You got out early, so good on ya. Don't look back. :)

    • Yeah. He just really makes no sense sometimes. Guess I should stop trying to figure out what he's doing and start figuring out what I need to do to move on.

    • I think that would be a very wise move. But I sympathize with the situation. I know it's tough. Sorry. But you seem like a person who deserves the world, so good luck. :)

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