I can't stop texting my ex?

We dated for a year and we broke up 3 weeks ago, I still try to message him to see how he has going or when I have troubles with friends, whenever I message him, he doesn't seem to care which is fair enough, I want to continue a relationship with him as friends, but he doesn't want anything to do with me and I don't know why because I didn't do anything wrong, I don't know how to stop myself from messaging him, help me?


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  • Find another people to talk to and you will be fine. Like I was practically freaking out each time I text/email someone until I have 4-5 people that I talk to semi-regularly. I'm not social myself but I'd say having a bunch of friends (in your case, maybe guy friends) will help?

    • Yea I've been talking to talk to my guy friends, but I go to school with my ex and I have to see him everyday and I get so tempted to message him :/

    • oh... so is it because you are curious about his life? Or want his opinions? Or there is actually not a particular reason for texting except that you want to talk? I mean usually people get over someone by distracting themselves. It doesn't have to be a new love interest, but maybe a project you really want to finish , a book you want to read, etc.. Think about his shortcomings might also help.

    • Yea I've just been trying to make it less awkward by being really friendly seeing how he is going, yet he doesn't seem like he wants to keep it friendly but whatever

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  • Quit wasting your time, the guy sounds pointless.


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  • Ugh. I'm sorry to say on the surface it appears he has someone else... I know how hard this is, believe me, but you have to stay away from him and learn how to move on.

    • Well he was keeping contact with another girl whilst we dated... But he doesn't know this girl in real life he met her online, he was such a hypocrite about it...

    • Most guys are... some of them think being a 'player' makes them a man. It doesn't. It makes them a punk. Believe me, he'll be sorry eventually.

    • Yea, thank you for your help!

  • Delete his number.


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