Just saw my ex of 15 months on Tinder after only three weeks and, sadly, swiped right. How do I move on from this when my progress is always impeded?

My ex and I dated for 15 months and the majority of that time was amazing. We seemed to be a perfect fit, we had casual conversations about a future together and everything, I thought, was going well until three weeks ago when she came over to my apartment and broke up with me. We had hit a rough spot because she was super stressed with work and stuff, but I had never thought a breakup was coming. We had made progress since the first "fight" we had in July and it seemed we were both making compromises. She said, "she just didn't see a future with me" which was contrary to a lot of stuff said. When she broke it off, she said it was hard on her too and a difficult decision.

About a week after the breakup, I unfriended her on Facebook because it was too hard to see her posting anything. She subsequently blocked me on it and every other social media site. Not sure about my number or email. Anyway, I joined Tinder, just to meet some people and try to have a good time. Wasn't looking for sex or a relationship. Last night I open the app and who shows up on the top of my cards? My ex. I broke down, swiped right, then deleted the app.

I don't understand how this is so easy for her and how she can move on so fast after all of the stuff she told me throughout the relationship. How she loved me, etc, etc. Here I am, devastated about the whole thing still.

I wanted to text her and lash out, but I restrained myself. I want so badly to hate her, but I don't. I've ripped up and thrown away everything in my apartment that she gave me or that reminds me of her and I still can't get through this. Every time I feel I'm making progress, something like this happens. Whether it's seeing her on Tinder, looking for my replacement after three weeks, or having a dream about her and then waking up.

Yes, I know I was on it, too. But I feel as though it's a little easier to understand why the person who got dumped might be on there right away.
Annoyymouse: I guess I don't know that, but I doubt it. This girl meant so much to me, said I meant so much to her and told me time and time again I treated her better than anyone else had before. Just don't get why she's gone. Just don't get how she can so quickly move on.


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  • How do you know she wasn't just looking for the same thing you were?


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