Girls, Ladies, how long does the close minded anger stage last?

My fiance and I split 2 months ago over a disagreement which happened 2 weeks after a delayed wedding. There was no disloyalty nor was there any signs of love lost between us. From what I can see, we both still love each other and honestly we should if we are going to get married. We have both given our space since the breakup and she has deleted me off her Facebook friends list. We have only talked via text 3-4 times and we have been respectful and nice towards each other however always to the point. She keeps saying things like there is no coming back from this, love can't fix this, anything I say won't change her mind. She won't look at my side of this and I'm willing to look at her side and see why she is upset. I'm the only person at fault in her mind. Does this close minded, tunnel vision go away? Will she eventually look at both sides? I'm use to putting effort into relationships and trying to make it work, there has been none of that. I'd rather try and have it not work then give up so quick like what has happened. When will she put down her walls and make an effort?


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  • Honestly, it likely won't change. I sincerely doubt it's this one event alone that is making her pull away; women are notorious for holding in issues and concerns in an attempt to not shake the relationship, so it could be that there were other issues that she never even addressed to you that existed before this happened. It could also be a case of cold feet, maybe she just doesn't want to marry you anymore and saw this as her only other alternative.

    If she isn't willing to make it work, it isn't worth the effort. Just back off, if she wants it to be something again she will come to you.

    • I was the one that delayed the wedding and I felt it was nessesary to do so because we hadn't lived together yet. I also felt it got pushed up to fast from the original plan. We were always pretty open on telling each other what we were upset about. Communication was good but now that it's over she has shut down completely and there is no talking about it. I'm starting to think she may have wanted the wedding more then the marriage. I'm on the fence on giving up but my heart won't let me do so...

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