I've been really lonely and depressed lately, I had to leave my ex boyfriend because I could see it turning into a violent relationship What do I do?

But now that I've moved back in with my mom, I'm compleatly alone again. none of my friends that new both of us will talk to me. I'm not sure what to do anymore, I'm worse off than I was before I met him.


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  • Wait why was it getting violent?

    • not compleaty sure but I had been being emotionaly abused for quite a while, I just had a feeling that things were going to get worse

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    • thanks. I wish that I didn't live in such small town, its really hard to make new friends

    • I wish I could I help.. just give it sometime one will come along

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  • The best thing you could of done is seat down and talk or seek help. Gone through a lot of experience and cane accross mature people that taugh me some things. One person taugh me the word HALT. Are you hungry, angry, lonely or tired. And usually is one of those things that bothers you. Is usually bad when you make fast decissions without talking it out. Good luck


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  • I know it's tough to hear right now but be proud of yourself for having the STRENGTH and WILL to leave that toxic relationship! I'm so glad to read that you did so and that you are safe under the same roof as your mom. To the hell with those "friends"! They are not friends at all if they're not trying to support you or comfort you after your experience. It will take a lot of time to adjust but whatever you do, do not go back to him or allow him to take control of your life again in anyway possible. He will never change and all he will want is to dominate you again. Stay with your mother, stop being hard on yourself, relax, try to do little things that will distract you but most of all, you need rest and to spend time with your mother who will provide that comfort for you. Things are going to get amazingly better after this encounter, I promise. It happened to my mother and I got her out of it. You turned the chapter along with those "friends", great things will come to you, darling. <3

    • thanks for your coment

    • Thank YOU for replying back to me.

      Take time for yourself since you're not 100%, naturally, and like another Anonymous girl said, find time for yourself to connect with your mother, make new (and better) friends, and when you feel ready, into the dating scene you go.

      You can do this. :)

  • no you're absolutely NOT. you're just dealing with some drastic changes in your life. you did something incredibly difficult and you should be damn proud of yourself.

    just take a deep breath and ask yourself what you need to get through this moment. you don't need all the answers right now. but you're going to be ok.


  • Best you can do is start over really. Get some new friends, date some nice guys, develop a friendship with your mom so you have someone you feel comfortable talking to at home, etc.


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