How do I forget?

me and my ex dated for 6 months but we're a thing for 2 months before that... So for the past 8 months she was in every decision I made... We recently broke up cause our last month together was VERY rocky... She said we could be friends but I can't be friends with somebody I have such intense feelings for so I had to tell her I had to cut her off completely... How do I continue without always thinking of her?


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  • They say for however long you were together is just about how long it takes to get over somebody. 8 months wasn't very long, and for whatever reason it just didn't work. You are still very young and another love will come into your life again. I was with a guy for four years, head over heels in love, but it ended nasty and I was shattered. It took me about five years to get completely over him and when I did, I fell slowly back in love with someone who was in my eyes better FOR me. Try to hang with friends and family, find a hobby, go to the gym and work off some depression. Get a pet, I got a hamster. You will eventually heal, and love again I promise. I did and so can you.


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  • Same shit happened to me. But my girl was cheating and lying to me face the whole time. 8 months. I dont think you can bro. You just have to do your own thing and try to keep busy i guess I don't know man nothing is working for me so far

    • We broke up and she hooked up with another guys she said she would cut him off than we would hang out and she would be snap chatting him in front of me... That happen a few times and I said something and she would get annoyed... She said she wouldn't cut him off and that was a slap in the face so I had to end it with her

    • Funny... same sort of thing happened to me with the whole snapchat messages and DMs on Instgram. Sending pics and messages after saying she wouldn't. So i dumped her and deleted all social media bullcrap! I hate that sh! t

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  • Get her back again? I don't know figure out what you want-It seems like you want her, so whyd you breakup with her? Part of successful relationships is overcoming issues you have, not giving up at the first sign of trouble


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