He went full on no contact when he broke up with me for no reason? Why?

So I've met this guy online, we went out for two weeks then I had to go on vacation for a month and a half. So he wanted to keep in touch and we both agreed to become official mid way through my vacation. Everything went great he seemed really into me, when I got back we hung out and he told me that he really liked me and he isn't going anywhere so he didn't mind taking things slow.

A few days after he introduces me to his friends. Then the first week of school starts and he starts acting super weird (first day of classes), he snaps at me via text message saying that he will be busy and that he cannot keep texting me because he will have so much work to do. I assure him that if he's busy that he does not have to text me. Then he agrees to change his fb relationship status (his suggestion)

the next day I hang out with him and we do some sexual stuff, still though something seemed off. So i decide to have a talk with him the day after. He completely blows up when I ask him what's wrong, tells me that every time he texts me I get angry and that texting me has become a chore, that he really likes me but he's not ready for a relationship and that we are not compatible, apologizes in the most aptehtic way ever, then I just get up and leave. Ever since (it's been a month and a half). He has removed me from facebook, blocked me on whats up, etc, and no contact at all. I just don't understand he's the one who broke it off for no reason, why is he taking such drastic measures to wipe me off from his life? I'm the one with the broken heart here, not him


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  • I cannot figure out why you are brokenhearted he is obviously emotionally unstable and unpredictable. To me it sounds like he has other interests on those media outlets. So he pushes you away and wants you back then pushes away , That is nuts.

    this should be easy to get over but you seem to be focusing on the promise rather than the reality.
    It never really was a relationship.

    • You're right... To me, I cannot figure out why he said what he said, introduces me to his friends then straight up dumps me a few days after. I just seem to think that somehow this is all my fault... You're answer helped me see a different point of view, thank you!

    • Sure thing happy to help. Please do not blame yourself for anybody's behavior no matter who it is. You are never to blame for somebodies actions, words, or thoughts. If I were you I'd be grateful that this connection did not last longer than it did. too much more of that could would confuse you to the point of insanity. after you accept this I hope you realize that he is nobody that had the power to break your heart. good luck

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  • What he did is what you should do when you break up with someone. "Break up" means I never want to see you again.

  • He cheated

  • I hate to say but it's the old nail and bail sorry


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