How to get over her? PLEASE HELP?

I've randomly decided I don't want to be around her, talk/text or even know her. Im in love with this girl but I feel I'll be better off without her? Please help!!!


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  • Whoa there. You are in love with her, but feel you would be better off without her? Are your nerves getting to you? Are you doubting yourself? Do you really want to push away someone you love? (Granted I don't know if you're in a healthy relationship if in one at all) Give me a little more info like are you dating, want to date, how you feel, and how long you've known each other and I might be able to help further.

    • We still talking and we both know there's something there between us but sometimes I don't feel it from her. Im doubting her feelings for me and its driving me crazy too the point I feel im better off.

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    • You think so? I kinda just confessed I loved her. If you could direct message me please I need advice

    • Apparently I have to be a lvl 2 go ahead and message me first I would be happy to help best I can.

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  • Strip clubs are not a bad way to get over someone.


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