How is that to moving on?

What do you think if I cannot move on from my highschool bf? Its been 4 years and I'm still holding on to him. And I know that he is with another girl now. He always come up in my mind. Like everytime i go to sleep and every morning i wake up. I feel stupid because everyones telling me to move on and forget him but I can't. I've tried move out abroad but it never helps. Do anyone has same experience with me? Tried to talk to him too (to let him know about my feeling), kinda helps, but its kinda embarassing if i had to talk to him everytime i tried to move on from him. Because i never feel had enough talking with him to let him know that i still have it. Everytime i tried to forget him, the first kiss between us always remind me of him. think i really lose myself over him. What should i do?


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  • Sounds to me like you didn't get proper closure. You may want to ask him to sit and have like a cup of coffee or meet somewhere public to discuss the way you feel and that it's finally done and you need to move on. Doing that will surely help a lot. It may be difficult to hear from him "there is no use anymore" but at least you know for certain you are free to date other people and not keep yourself attached to something that may not ever happen again.

    • How can I distract myself from him?

    • Associate yourself with friends and family, perhaps meet other guys as well and just start casual dating. It may not fade quickly but in time it will go away

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  • I am having the exact same problems if I knew what could help I would. I haven't found a solution myself. Mine is married and has a son, even tho he hates his wife he's stuck with her. We still love each other and know how we feel but can't be together. I just try not to think of it or I ignore it and I try to stay away from relationship at the moment because I feel the feelings and memories get stronger. Good luck and I hope it all stops I know it sucks :/

    • Thankyou! Same here :( I hope it all stops to both of us. Being attached to something that would never happen again is sucks.

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