What should I say to my friend (guy) that just broke up with his gf?

so me and my guy friend were talking, he recently broke up with his girlfriend. literally the day I'm writing this. we were having a normal conversation and out of the blue he says "my girlfriend misses me 😒😒" and so then a couple messages went on and then he said "she's making me cry" and i said why? and he said "she sent me a video of her crying, I hate to see her cry.." and so I asked why she was crying and he said bc she misses me. he seems really upset and I don't know if he's contemplating whether or not to get back together with her or not. should I agree with that if that's what he wants to do? or what? bc he was always misserable every once and a while bc she was being rude to him, and he said they broke up bc they agreed they didn't feel the same anymore. what should I say to him? how do I cheer him up? I wanna support him but I don't know how to respond, other than I'm sorry. sorry it was long, help me out if you can !! thanks


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  • give him some time to get over her


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