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I knew she had a boyfriend when We met at a party at my house and she missed her ride and I drove her home and we had fucked in my car outside her door. The next day she came to another one of my parties and she spent the night and she said it was the greatest one night stand she's ever had but she has a wealthy boyfriend she intends to marry and she really likes me and wants to keep seeing me, it turned into introducing each other to our friends and hanging out and sleeping together every night and wed have to hide from her friends so they wouldn't tell her boyfriend, but they were catching on fast we were friends with benefits, i even took her out on her birthday.2 and half months go by i become very committed and attached to this girl I ditch every other girl on my Facebook/phone, but I couldn't open up to her because she had a boyfriend... mySummer was heading near its end she had to leave for school and be back with her boyfriend and i wanted to straight up dump her because i was so hurt at the fact that shed lose feelings for me being with another while at school but she cried saying she wants to make it work and I didn't have the balls to look at this girl that has instantly changed every habit to a greater volume for me. I thought I was ready but I was clearly in love with her and I wanted her to dump me by making her choose so shed feel better rather then me dumping her but she didn't do it. The next morning as her flight took off she told me we should just remain friend it hurts her to be doing that to her boyfriend and apologized. What did I do wrong? What could I have done? Is this something that could work out in the future?


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  • What a mess huh? It could have been avoided if you didn't rail a whore who is in a a relationship.

    Your English skills are very poor (instead of pumping other men's women perhaps you should practice your English skills), so from what I understand she wants to continue having sex with you behind her boyfriend's back? The way you describe it it reads as though she's in a relationship with both of you guys.

    If you have feelings for her then tell her? I mean you can get naked and bang her, so what's the problem here? I just hope she does the same thing to you that she's done to her boyfriend.

    • I agree especially with the last part! Karma is a bitch

    • So what are the chances of this working out? What should I do to get back?

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  • First of all, that's fucked up what you are doing to the other guy. Secondly, it was just supposed to be sex; stop seeing her and don't be her friend. Man the fuck up and find some other girl. She is a gold digger; she will never be with you unless you become wealthy yourself. Even then, no pussy is worth that much money.

  • You're witnessing the inevitable. FWBs stuff doesn't work long term.


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