Useless jealousy, help?

We are over, I admit still having lingering feelings, so when he's laughing with other girls, I'm so jealous and I would rather not be, and it kills me because he's over me and I am not.


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  • Look I've been around forever or seems like it. And if you ever truly have feelings for someone there always will be some left behind. I still think about exs from 25 years ago and still miss them. That being said just do what you can to move on or try n move back in its the only options available.


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  • it happens. for a few months after my last break up, I had this unnatural fear that I would go to a party and he'd be there with a new girl. I began entertaining fantasies of overturning a slow cooker of queso dip over BOTH of their heads. not my best time ever, for sure.

    here's what works for me: make a list of all the things he did wrong or that you didn't like about him. and every time his name goes through your head, immediately follow it with "is over" as in: "bob... is over". just get used to saying it as much as you can. make it into a mantra. as you do this, think of all those negative things from your list, and remind yourself that he's not your problem anymore. pretty soon, you'll start to be grateful that you're free of his crap.


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  • It's normal to still be a bit jealous. Give it some time and soon you will be over those feelings.


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