Should I join my girlfriend's faith?

My girlfriend is Catholic and I've been going to her youth groups every Friday and sometimes her family takes me to church on Sunday. I'm don't have a religion btw At first, I was a little skeptical about the faith because I never believed in God. I am a little stubborn and I didn't care about the stuff they were talking about. She wanted me to take me there since she thought it'd better our relationship. After a while, I slowly grew closer to God. I'm glad that I'm growing closer to him. But my real question is: should I take the steps to trying to become a Catholic? I want to do it for myself and my girlfriend because I really want to try to overcome my horrible past. Also I don't have anyone going against me. My mom is actually very supportive of it since she's a Catholic herself too but I stopped going to church with her since I thought it was boring but now I was thinking of going to church again.


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  • I come from a non-religious background, but that has no bearing on what I will say. An ex of mine was catholic. She never pressured me to go to church or anything, so I just thought it kind of awkward that your girlfriend would have you go to church with her. If you feel good about it then I'd say do what you like, but if it all started because she wanted you to theologically change for her you may want to step back and evaluate the situation. For instance, would she still be with you if you chose not to convert or go with her? You seem pretty confident, which is good, but if you really feel like it's serious with this girl, than think if she'd still feel the same way if you didn't want to be catholic in the end, or didn't want to go to church.

    But if you feel good about all this, than by all means go for it, but religion or lack-there-of is a purely personal choice, not something to be decided by anyone else.

    • Aw, thanks dude!

    • I've been atheist all my life and fell in love with a Catholic woman. She's a hypnotist and, for a lark, she hypnotized me many times. Long-story short, after going to Mass for the first time I felt an incredible "longing". I felt I HAD to go to Mass every week and on High Holy Days. I soon realized that she had done something with me with all those hypnosis "sessions" but it didn't bother me as I was really enjoying this new experience... a lot.

      I also felt a need to study the Bible prior to going to Mass, with focus on the scheduled readings. I realized the solace of prayer and, again, even though I knew that she had somehow got me to see things her way more I didn't care because I was getting so much out of it all.

      Long -story-short, I converted after going to RCIA and we got married in our Church shortly after. After being an ardent atheist for 58 years (!) I can truly say it's all been a wonderful experience and continues to be. We're both happy and pray together always.

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  • lol it seems to me like you got it all figured out, but are maybe a little a recovering catholic as I like to call it (bad past too) but I'm open minded so I say yea just go for it. its not like its a drug group or a bad influence. as long as your doing it for you! and not just her or her family. its your life. and what's the harm in starting up a religion? its not a permanent choice you could always go back

    • Thanks a lot for the answer!(= I want to do it for myself badly! and she wants me to go back to church for my own good so that's why I want to do it. and I'm glad that you're trying to become a catholic again lol!:) I hope it works out!

  • Do whatever will make you happy. Even if the relationship doesn't work out, in the end you will still have God no matter how close you are to Him. I'm Jewish but not extremely religious, but I still feel a connection to God and that makes me happy :)

  • I think you should take a the steps to trying to become a Catholic. Your girlfriend would probably love it that your doing it for yourself, for her, and most importantly your relationship


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  • if faith makes you feel better bout yourself ,i'd say go for it

    at the end of the day,all you gotta believe in is u,chase whatever makes you happy

    whether you are growing closer to god or moving away from him;ask yourself ?wht makes you happy?

    to sum up all I can say is "SATISFACTION IS THE ULTIMATE GOAL"

    follow ur heart,


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