He talks to another girl about breaking up with me for her, yet he says he wasn't cheating?

To me there are two types of of cheating. Emotional and physical. How does he not find talking to another girl romantically, giving her gifts and saying he's going to leave me for her cheating?
Am I just not good enough?


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  • If he's doing all that it is near over , he may be just stringing you along for whatever reason. Giving her gifts thats absolutely unacceptable. The fact that he's even tellin you this, means he wants out.

    • I had no clue until this morning. We were fine (I thought). We got into an argument this morning and he randomly starts telling me about this girl that he's been doing all this stuff with. After we calmed down he said it wasn't serious and that it was okay because it wasn't cheating.

    • Well Now that you saying you guys had an argument he could have said it to make you mad. But still why is he even talking to her. He has a gf: you. Id say be alert from now on, see if he brings her up again.

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  • He did that, because cheaters lie. Move on. You deserve better. No matter how much he says he is sorry. Don't take him back. Because cheaters lie


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  • You are absolutely correct. Emotional cheating is sometimes even worse. Physical can be in the heat of the moment, but emotional is heavily thought through. Don't ask yourself if you aren't good enough! That almost never has something to do with people cheating.


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