Would you go back to him?

girls would you go back to him? or guys should I take him back? help please.?

i dated this guy who had a girlfriend ( I was not looking for anything serious) I developed strong feelings for him he told me after 4 months into his relationship that he was gonna leave his current girl so we could be together I agreed but then I started to think about what if I was the other girl would he do the same to me. I left him after seven month I did not want to be the one who broke up his relationship, we remained friends he said my friendship was too valuable to lose and he kept on trying to get back with me but I too did not want to hurt his current girlfriend they had been together for a year and a half when I met him. she found my number in his phone and called me up one to ask if I was having a relationship with this guy I told her no. She went to his house and saw a mug that I bought this guy with both our names on it and she threw it away ( they don't live together) that made me feel even more guilty. I tried to get this guy to leave me alone but he would not. anyways his neighbor told his girlfriend that she saw me coming by almost everyday (I stopped going by 5 months ago) and she left him , now he wants to get back with me even more, what should I do?


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  • he was playing her he will play you one day. trust and faithfulness is really the only thing worthwile...you obviously have a good and right heart and want to do things right...wait for someone who is wortth your qualities


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  • He is an opportunist and completely untrustworthy. If you were to date him, it would be foolish and you'd set yourself up for disappointment and hurt. He cheated on his ex and he will follow the same pattern. If he was so miserable with her and was planning on terminating the relationship, he had plenty of chances to do it. Do you know why he never did it? Because he had his cake and he could eat it too.

    I think you can do much better than this guy. You deserve someone who is truly available, knows what he wants in a female and a relationship and will respect you. I truly hope you won't return to this guy. The decision is yours.


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