So me & my girlfriend broke up like a week ago & I really miss her, should I try to get in contact with her?

Should I let her know I love her (we have never said it to each other) & that I really miss her & that if she doesn't feel the same way that I won't bother her again? I've known her over a year & is a long distance relationship even though we were planning on me visiting her around the time we broke up.


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  • No, I wouldn't if I were you, it's over. It was long distance. Chances are she doesn't feel the same because she just broke up with you, all this will likely achieve is that it will give her an ego boost and make you feel even more rejected.

    • She didn't break up with me we argued & I told her to let me go because she didn't show the same affection as I did for her since she kept saying she needed time, until she got really upset & blocked me

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    • It's up to you, if you think it's worth a shot then go for it, nothing much to lose is there?

    • Yup, Thanks.

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  • Do it, but don't do it in a way that will seem like all you've been doing is thinking about her during the week so just in case she doesn't feel the same way, you're good. Say what you feel and don't suppress it.

    • What should I tell her then?

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    • Should I just tell her that I love her & miss her & if she doesn't feel the same way il leave her alone & not bother her again

    • Go ahead and see where it goes.

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  • That is a really hard thing to figure out... How long were you two dating before the break up? And what were the circumstances?

    • We were dating for about a month or so.

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    • Why so long?

    • So you know you actually feel that way and it's not just residual feelings.

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