He broke up with me, so why does he keep trying to sleep with me?

21 female-

Me and my ex boyfriend broke up about a month ago. We had decided to stay friends but after about a week he drunk text me ( saying stuff like he wants me to come over..he didn't think I would want to.t..then went as far as saying he would even pick me up if didn't want to drive or he could just come to me to hang out but said it prob be a different kind of visit then what I was thinking) I waited a couple days then text him, if were are going to be friends we have to keep it at that. After that we didn't talk much, but two weeks ago he did text me just a friendly, hey how have you been text..but that was it didn't hear from him for another two weeks and he again text...asking to have sex...saying we haven't seen each other for a while ...and again that he would come and get me...i really don't understand ...he broke up with me, so why does he keep trying to get me to sleep with him again?


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  • Guys really don't have to be emotionally involved to have sex, basically he just wants a booty call. If you are willing to put out, he'll be more than willing to hit it. Hit it then quit it,...until next time. He wants to use you for sex. Hope that clears things up.

    • Would you think if he text me back a couple days later, saying sorry for the drunk texting....and also said that he hasnt/can't drink much lately because it keeps getting him into trouble..

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  • Surprise men do not like the idea of being committed in relationships. I am 29 years old and I have a similar problem .I think this guy is like mega obsessed with me or he has got the manopause midlife thing. I have heard it from both ends of his family in English and Spanish. But the sex was good until he got fat lol el gordo. If you feel emotionally mature enough to deal with what ever consequences come out of it I say it is your choice. Just don't obsess over it. Part of you is pro ly asking why and the other part says why not . You should make one of those charts weighing out the pros and cons.


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  • Don't do it ... he is stalking and needs to let go.. if you Post his texts on a drunktext website and then tell him and all your mutual friends he is on there he will probably stop...There are a few of them but on Drunktext.net you can actually put his picture on the text and really put him on blast! Check it out!


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