What you think is going on here?

my ex girlfriend says she loves me still, with her life, but she gave up because she accepted she won't change her attitude and won't stop hurting me. .. but she has faith that one day we will be toghether (wTF)...
She broke up with me because she said we wouldn't work out in Long distance relationship (didnt even bother to try, as if i didn't matter, we were dating for 3 years, she moved to another state to do college).
She then talks crap about how she wasn't inspired to change her bitchy attitude, she said she gave it all at the beginning of the relationship, she said she wanted a prince (you know what i mean), she then even said how sex wasn't that good, she asked me a thousand times who's the girl im dating, but then acts as she doesn't care btu keeps asking. I told her to never hit me up again, because talking to her does me more harm than good because of her selfishness and its like she wants to get back to me but just focuses on talking crap and make me feel as if i wasn't good enough.
She told me there are guys hitting on her and she just keeps thinking about me.
She told me the relationship got boring at one point because I started chasing her more (she was backing away and i didn't know what to do) so it turned her off...

Anyways, what i think is this and I want you guys to help me on this conclusion.
I think she doesn't love me, she just wants to keep me hanging around.
She wants someone else, or expected something else from me. (as i did from her but i didn't fall out of love because i wanted to keep fighting).
She's one selfish and mean person and will never come back to me or do something to fix things and fight for me.
She just wants to play with my feelings and, doesn't LOVE ME.

I told her to not talk to me again unless she changes her mind or whatever because i really dont see a point on talking to her and not healing from the mess she did.


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  • she probably just wants to keep you close bc she knows she can. she still has power over you that she might need to carry on with her life.
    you should probably just cut her off so you dont get hrt.

    • yeah, she told me "i know you are dying to get back with me", i told her that she can't get in and out of my life as she pleases and she says "yes i can", i just said "you are dead wrong" ...
      she's even taking me for granted after the breakup.

  • Well, why would you want to keep talking to her or even loving her if you're dating someone else? 😕

    • because love is harder to kill than simple attraction... she messed me up big time.
      Im dating someone else but not as a girlfriend, just friends with benefits, casual thing to clear my mind. (don't judge please)

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    • what the fuck

    • I just don't want to hear about your stupid sex fling. For all I know it could be with someone I know and I don't really care to hear about right now. K thanks

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