Guys, Why do guy's always get mad when you talk to them about your feelings?


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  • Depends what those feelings are and whether or not they are justified. Of course ideally you'll sit down and calmly listen, if you're with someone and you're serious enough to work at building a future it's all about communication. Good communication can only happen if you can trust the other person to be considerate with your honest feelings, if you can't do that you're doomed. So basically if you're with a guy who gets mad when you talk about your feelings then there's just no fucking point in being with them, the same applies to guys with girls like that.

    • We'll I Was WITH this guy and we wanted to be in each others future but he never liked to talk about feelings.

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    • Sometimes you gotta cut your losses you know.

    • What do you mean

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  • I don't get mad. If I care for the other person I would want to her about feeling they gey and share my opinion on how I beal with mine.

    • He listens and cares I think but doesn't want a discussion about it

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    • Right but we were in a relationship for 2 and a half years

    • Can you read and comment in my other question in break up and divorce::

      Guy's help. My ex and I are hanging out with each other more and it's going good but he won't let me sleep over on week nights?

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