Guys, Help!!! I been hanging out with my ex a lot and everything is the same. WE'RE Getting Along Great But he won't let me come over on week nights?

He makes sure I don't forget anything before I leave. I was just talking about how I feel and he admitted to me that sometimes he's afraid to have me come over because he doesn't want to talk about feelings like I did in the past. He says he doesn't want to talk about that because we're not dating.
Why can't he let the past go?
I feel like we took 10 steps backwards last night.
How do I fix it? ?
Guy's please help!!!


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  • He's your EX... You don't fix it. You move on. It sounds like he wants a relationship without emotionally attachment, which is just a friend or a friend with benefits...

    • No I want to get back together with him? It just floors me how he could act all lovy dovy towards me like he did when we were a couple but not want a relationship. Actually he's a little more touchy feely now?

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    • He's either looking for someone or trying to focus on himself b

    • He's not looking for anyone because he's not trying if the little free time he has he spends with me.

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