Have you ever been dumped by someone who doesn't want a relationship anymore?

My ex did this, we were together for 3 years and then he just dumped me out of the blue stating how "it's not me it's him" that he doesn't want a relationship or commitment anymore. It was a shock and I'm still damaged. I thought everything was going great, we never fought, it was never boring or pressuring, I really thought I found the one. He always seemed so happy with me, I had no idea... It made me feel worthless and not good enough, like I was so bad, such a bad experience for him that he doesn't want to be in a relationship (with anyone) because of me. It really sucks and hurts straight to the bones. Have you ever had a same experience and how did you got over it?


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  • That happened to me and I never got over it.


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  • Nope. Im always the one who doesn't want to be with them anymore.


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  • Same here recently. been 4.5 years. All happy and out of the blue. "I dont love you anymore"... So now I'm hurt and trying to move up on. meanwhile she is dating someone else now. so I gotta move on. but very difficult.


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