My ex got angry out of nowhere?

Look I need help. My ex and I broke up a little over 2 months ago and I had not contacted him since the 30th of September so I could move on which I eventually did. He told me that I should find someone that would feel the same way as I did for them & that he didn't want to lead me on. I felt played because he messed with my emotions as we didn't know what we were. Anyways back to the point, yesterday my best friend & I were hanging out with his group of friends. I asked one of his friends if I should leave because of what happened between my ex & I and he told me to stay because he was cool with me. I didn't talk to ex the whole time I was there but he dissed my friend and I told him to leave her alone and he ignored me but we just continued our conversation with his friend and he exploded thinking that we were talking about him. He said that I always chat shit, I told my friends about his family business (which I didn't even), and he called me a slut multiple times. I was so pissed off and when he said that i was angry that he left me, I just slapped him and we were arguing to the point that people had to hold us back from each other and the police were eventually called. Loads of hurtful things were thrown around & we were as bad as each other but I had no idea he felt this way because I was hoping we could be friends (before this even happened). But that's obviously not gonna happen. He was acting as if I hurt him when he was the one that broke my heart. Like what was his reason for this? If he really felt that way, wouldn't he have not just contacted me so we could go over things privately?


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  • he has some things he doesn't tell you


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