Guys, Help!!! I don't get it? Sometimes it seems like my ex wants to be a couple again then other times I'm not so sure? Why the wishy-washyNess?


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  • Why does he act this why? Dunno. Here's a better question though: why do you care? He's an ex. Get over him. Either you get over him and move on or you get out of the bush yourself and talk to him directly. Reestablish what you had, if need be. Either way, you're no different from him if you're asking this question.

    • No I want to get back together with him and he might to but is holding back for some reason. I wonder why

    • Well no point in asking this on GAG. Ask him instead. Talk to him directly.

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  • Because you allow him to be like this. Stop letting him come back and having this control. You need to shut that door and end it. These yo-yo types are so annoying and only use you as a filler until they find someone else.

    Let him go.

    • No I want to get back together with him and it seems like he wants to too but is holding back.

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    • You see nobother girls because hebhasnt shown you butvyet his actions say otherwise.

      He just told you there are others but you are the one he hangs out with mostly. Just because you are choosing to ignore what he says and the signs...

      And wtf does a cuddle have to do with it? Is there some magical cuddle that only happens if he only cares about you?

      I think that because you want this you are allowing that to blind you to reality. He could fuck some girl come to you an hour later and cuddle and you will still think he wants you.

      If he really wanted you he would have done it by now. The problem you are having is not him, its you. You want this so you are allowing him to use you for his own reasons.

      Quit making excuses and move on to someone who does want you

    • No he's really with no other girl. His friends are guy's and he said he sees me the most and I asked him about other girls and I believe him. Besides he shows me his phone so he's not hiding anything and I'm on the lookout for anything fishy

  • It's like that a few times. That why you leave your exes alone. Block them, delete number or socialize with them.

    • No I want to get back together with him?

  • He wants the sex and pretends to have feelings to try and get the sex, sometimes he feels lonely and he knows you'll have him and gets tempted to get into a relationship but he knows he doesn't like you enough to keep up the pretense it would take.

    • He doesn't act like he's pretending

    • Guys are sometimes better at that than they get given credit for.

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