Why is girl I dated ignoring me?

I dated a girl for like a month, and I treated her poorly because I was stressed out (my best became extremely sick and was hospitalized). She stopped texting me and when my friend recovered I told him about the situation. He called me an asshole for the way I treated her. So one day I talked her and apologized and explained the situation to her. She accepted my apology and said she would have done the same. But now she avoids and ignores me. I don't want to date her anymore (probably couldn't if i wanted to), but we were good friends. She accepted my apology (it was via text though), but she still ignores and avoids me. I just want us to be friends again. Why does she avoid me when she accepted my apology, and said she understood why I did what I did?


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  • What you did, even if influenced by situational stress, hurt her. She did what she felt was necessary - she accepted your apology - to avoid leaving things on a sour note, but this doesn't mean that she wants to (or is ready to) become friendly with you again.


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  • You hurt her feelings and now she feels bad about your guy's situation. Just give her space and time and it might work out or it might not.

  • may be she still wants u to care for her and be her boyfriend?

    • I don't know if she want me to be her boyfriend. I asked if she would let take her on a date again after I apologized and she said she appreciated the offer, but declined. I just want to talk to her like we used to.

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    • you definitely rubbed her the wrong way may be she is turned off by you and not attracted to your personality anymore based on how you acted. Actions speak louder then words, why dont u send her some flowers or buy her a small meaningful but inexpensive gift or even write her a letter about the good memories, i think u chase her a little and show your commitment to get her back she will have feelings for you again

    • but if she wanted to date me again wouldn't she at least talk to me?

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