He had eyes like the spring, his hair slicked back, when he opened his mouth, I felt the whip crack. He was clever and cruel, an imperfect man?

when he broke up with me, i put on my tennis shoes and I just fucking ran. I ended up across the world, met another man, who already had a girl. I flew back home and felt so alone, even now I'm still sad, because I'll never find another, I've already been had.

What do I do.


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  • Get a job as a poet

  • I guess it is time to move on,
    to find the next man that might come along.
    It is time to start playing the dating game,
    where girls and boys play to find fortune and fame.
    So many fun moments and times to remember,
    weeks and months pass from January to December.
    Time to find a date for that end of year kiss,
    but nobody around its all hit and miss.
    Dont let yourself down there is a party at hand,
    On the beach, the sea and the sand.
    A pretty boy emerges all buff and tan.
    U look him up and down and think he's the man.
    U hang around and hope for a look,
    but he grabs a rod in hope of a hook.
    U take a seat at a dining chair,
    and watch that man with a gazing stare.
    Many minutes pass and who is there,
    but a man named Mark with a rod and beautiful hair.
    He gazes upon u and asks for a seat,
    u accept and your heart skips a beat.
    Sparkling eyes and a smooth voice u hear,
    he likes your smile and pours u a beer.
    The convo goes well and the sun is almost down,
    he is charming and funny, almost a clown.
    The sun and the horizon almost meet,
    he takes u out to the water to wet your feet.
    A walk along the beach and he holds your hand,
    he stops for a moment to feel the sand.
    He gets closer, there are sparks in the air,
    lips upon yours and brushing your hair.
    Fireworks, electricity, u feel a spark,
    could this be him the boy named Mark.
    Many weeks and months pass from January to December.
    To go back to the beach that u so clearly remember.
    Flowers and seats all lined up in a row,
    family and friends waiting for u so.
    U stand at the altar and put on each others rings,
    as everyone claps, cheers and sings.
    This is the moment u have been waiting for,
    to love and be cherished for forever more.


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