Should I talk to him?

Hi everyone, so I was together with him for a year and 2 months and we broke up because he didn't want to be anymore in a relationship because things were not working out for him, he thought were so different and apparently wants someone compatible with him , he tried to fix our relationship but he lost interest, so we agreed to break up, I didn't want to keep trying to fix this. We broke up 3 weeks ago and since then he has been checking on me so i know he cares. For example: i was sick for some days and he texted me to check on me. When we broke up he said he still loved me so I guess he still do, only 3 weeks have passed. Yesterday I went to eat sushi with some friends, one of those friends picked me up because my car is broken. But he picked me up early so we were at the restaurant earlier so we both had to wait for the rest. Meanwhile we were ordering drinks, my ex entered the restaurant and saw us both at the table, and then walked to the bathroom. Then his mother entered and she said hi from far away with a cold smile. After a while they left and still our friends were not at the restaurant, so the whole time my ex and his mom were there, i was just with my male friend. So it looked like we were on a date and they don't know him so they don't know that he is just a friend.. I feel bad, they should be thinking that i'm already dating someone else and not even a month has passed since we broke up. I don't know if i should tell him that he is just a friend and that we were just waiting for the rest. I don't want him to have a bad image about or to think that our relationship didn't mean anything to me. Also i don't want the mother to think bad, she was like a mom to me. And i didn't like the smile she gave me. I don't know if i should tell him but i don't know if he even cares or loves me anymore.. Should i? And if i should, what should i say? (We both are 18)


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  • talk to him


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