I broke up with my girlfriend and now what is she trying to do?

I found out my recent girlfriend cheated and it crushed me bad...

i broke up up with her and told her to come get her stuff from my apt ASAP bc I want her out of my life...

she he said she would come during the weekend and when the weekend came I never heard from her... Now this week she message me said she will come this weekend... And so far nothing... No call no text I have her stuff at the fire ready to hand her...

From a females point of view why is she doing this?


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  • Well, i think what your friends are saying is true... she IS trying to prolounge things in hope she'd get you back.
    If i really must give you an advice, it's this...

    You're hurt? Yup.
    She' the one that caused it? Yeah.
    She's trying to act smart and prolounge this? HELL OF A FREACKIN YEAH.
    Solution? You must really show her, that you don't want her anymore.
    Not the "i dont want ya cause ya hurt me"type, nope.
    The "i dont want you get the HELL OUT." Type.

    • Guess what... She told me Thursday she will come get her stuff this weekend and it's Sunday night and nothing still lol.

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  • If she doesn't come, tell her that you are just gonna take her stuff outside and she can get them from there.

    • That's the plan... My friends say she is trying to prolong it hoping I'll take her back... She fucking fucked another guy no that's freaking nasty

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  • Maybe running away from that responsibility? Good job you left her though. But maybe she doesn't have a place to stay or anywhere to put her stuff...

    • She has her own place... It's just one big item I'm pretty sure she wants back...

  • Why dont you communicate with her to see if she is coming?
    No wonder why you two broke up, your communication sucks

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    • she's probably upset with herself and regrets her actions, if she's prolonging it.
      but she shouldn't run away from her problems and needs to understand cheating is never tolerated.

    • She cheated I remember the day bc she didn't come home until 4pm the next day and her phone was off and she lied about her whereabouts and it slowly came out over time... See what goes around comes around... Turned out she was with this guy in his bed! That night I was at the mall buying an 80 dollar shirt because we were going to a concert and we went and came home and we had sex... The thought of her having sex with a guy coming home to me we go out and have sex that night really really bothers me!!

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  • Forget the bitch...


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