Should I go over there right now?

The girl have been seeing for the last year and a half has just broken me.

She is still involved emotionally with her ex boyfriend who has decided to come and visit her for a week. He is staying with her. They are basically down the road from me, in bed together, as I type.

She tells me she needs to deal with it, and to trust her, nothing is happening etc. The exact same thing happened very early on in our relationship, when we were just hooking up, and obviously, I stayed out of the whole thing. Also, I assume she has been in communication with him this whole time (he lives abroad). He does not know she has been seeing me.

I have two options, I feel.

1.) Wipe her from my life, without another word.
2.) Go over there, ring the bell, cause chaos, tell him the truth. Next, wipe her from my life.

Now, the good guy in me is saying that I should not go with number 2. If we're not meant to be together, we're not meant to be together right?

On the other side. This guy is *potentially* walking into something without knowing the whole story. Is it my duty to inform this person of who I am, and who I was to her, or should I leave him blissfully unaware?


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  • The first option is the decent way of going about it. The second option is the immature and childish one. Don't pick a fight. Just walk away. If you were her official boyfriend then you could have told him but seeing as how you are just seeing her and there's no actual commitment that was made you can't really do anything. That's why you don't ever settle for any less than you want. If you wanted her to be your girlfriend you should have made that clear after a few months of seeing her.

    • Thanks for your opinion :)

      Just to clarify, she was (/is?) my official girlfriend.

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    • You should have broken up with her when she brought up her and her ex staying together. I mean if she was a committed relationship with you she would have known it's wrong to do that and to cheat on you. The day she said her ex is coming to stay over would have been the day I would have called it quits.

    • I just found out last night, at 12pm, while I was in bed.

      It's now the morning, and I will go to meet her soon, to discuss.

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  • Just ghost yourself and leave quietly. It's not your problem anymore, and why be involved with all of the drama? When it's all said and done, you're not going to be satisfied. I wouldn't waste the time.

    • Thanks. The smart guy inside me hears the truth in your words.

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  • Hell man those are two shitty options. Well the way I see it the answer depends on this. If you want to risk your ads and hers. You know knocking is the right thing to do so you can tell the guy. But he may try to fight you or your new ex. Even though she's your ex your obligated to protect her. That's my take

    • I would not fight with the guy. He is completely oblivious to my relationship with her. My desire to tell him, is because I would want to be told, were things swapped around.

      You are correct though! Two shitty options :) Thanks for your opinion!

    • No problem, good luck

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