Is it true if you let someone go you truly love them?

the title says it all...

I moved so we broke up but now he's dating Simone new at first I was upset then he told me he was happy which made ne happy. Not going to lie I still wish I was with him but I'm taking the high road


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  • I would only let go of someone if there was nothing left worth fighting for, or if only one of us was fighting , and making the effort to make it work.

    So it depends on the situation. I personally believe that sometimes you have to accept that some people can stay in your heart, but not in your life.

    Letting them go , because you know it's best for them and it's what they want is evidence you truly love them, because you are putting their happiness and needs above your own. 💟

    • Just read your update. Aww in am sorry! Break- ups are always painful, even more painful knowing someone you love... loves someone
      The way you are handling it shows your strength of character and evidence you love him. 💜 xx

    • Thank you for the MHO 💜💐 xx

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  • Sometimes it's true yess

  • That is not always the case.

    IF you thought you loved someone, but you were wrong... You're letting the person go because you don't love that person

  • If letting them go will make them happier. Then yes.


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