Boyfriend broke up 2 days ago?

My boyfriend broke up with me as i asked him to contact less to his female class fellow as most of the time They r on whatsapp calls etc. i told him b4 tht i get jealous vry easily. nd also told him tht in our realtionship sincerity is necessary. He was ok with tht. But 2 days ago he send me screenshot of him talking to her. I jus said y u people always in comtact with each ither? He didn't explaned. Nor he made me calm. He jus said tht yes i will talk to her. Nd now i dont need u anymore. I cried begged but he is like tht he dont know me. Now b4 posting this i again called him saying sorry. He said tht he dont love me anymore. He has no feeling for me. I again cried a lot and asked him tht m breaking dont leave me on this small issue but he said no i told u before tht there is nothing between me nd my fellow. He said he was fed up with my questions as y i asked him.
my question frm all of u tht is this situatuon is big enough to break our relation of 1 year. We r really very close nd u can understnd what i mean. M just can't believing tht he left me over this silly issue which can be resolved. Please help me
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So its just tht i should stop thinking about him! M trying nd will succeed. But there is something inside my heart tht is it so easy for him to leave me. Y m i even thinking about him


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  • I doubt he'll come back, he sounds like a jerk who may just jump from girl to girl.


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  • you need to move on... he is playing you and you are appalogizing for nothing.
    also makes you desperate in his eyes.
    its done, good luck

  • How old are you?


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