Once you love someone, can you really ever stop loving them?

I have never been in love or in a relationship. But if you were to truly fall in love with someone and you break up, do they always have a part of your heart?

What causes breakups? Is it that you love them but things are not working out? Or do you lose all of the feelings towards them?
by the way, I am not talking about infatuation where you get a surge of feelings then all of a sudden lose interest.


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  • I don't think its possible... If its true love and then u broke up, you will always have some remaining feelings for them even when you move on and if you are crazy in love with your current partner.. Why? Coz its simply true love, and if its the first true love u had its gonna be harder 😆

    • Why the first?

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    • I think you have to be pretty stupid to forget anyone you loved.

    • Yes, you are right, its hard to forget someone you really loved in general, but I just talked about the first time 😅

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  • I don't think you'll ever get over someone you truly loved. But there are billions of reasons people break up such: as differences in lifestyles, the relationship may be more harm than good, career path or future aspirations, one person may not feel the same way anymore, etc.


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  • You can stop loving them but they can have a piece of your heart. Break ups happen for different reasons such as disloyalty.. dishonesty, sometimes two people aren't truly supposed to be together. Your feelings fade with time sometimes.

  • No not really... I know that feeling of never fully moving on. Last night for example, I went to see my friend (we really liked each other over the summer but decided it would be best if we remained friends) in a play. After the play I somehow just randomly decided to stay after and congratulate him and when I did we hugged and all them memories came back and I can't stop thinking about it, *sigh* it sucks but I think that just like in this situation, you can never really stop loving certain people.


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