Help!!! What should I do?

I love my ex dearly and we hang out every week we try. He treats me the same as he would when we were dating all lovy dovy and everything. UNFORTUNATELY he won't make me his girlfriend again :(
Now I Have Tried getting out there and dating but I didn't feel anything for anyone I went on a date with. I think dating is too much work and I don't like it I rather stick with one. I kinda feel too that I'm not going to meet someone as good as him and wIth as many similarities.
I however thought and maybe still think my ex is the one for me. Our life goals match up and we agree about the important things in life. I still have dreams about him and can picture us together.
I don't know why he won't make us a couple again but someone on gag told me were like a couple but without the title. I'm just wondering if I'm crazy trying to wait for him or what. I'm not getting any younger.


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  • Has he given you reasoning as to why he doesn't want you to be his girlfriend?

    • No when I asked him 6 months ago all he said was I dont want to get back together now.

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    • I don't want to stop seeing him though. I was crying more when I did

    • Well you wouldn't have to stop seeing him, but the relationship-y aspect of your odd friendship is what's confusing which is what really needs addressed.

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  • You should ask him straight up why he don't want to make it offcial :O You deserve to know!

    • I Don't Know He'll Come Up With Some Dumb Excuse Again To HIS HIS true feelings

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