Guys, Help!!! How can I make my ex relize that being in a relationship is no different than what we are doing now?

My ex and I hang out every week and basically do everything we did when we were in a relationship


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  • Dear lady... Do you enjoy the time that you're spending with him?
    Do you enjoy the relationship that you have with him in the present?
    Are you guys getting along pretty good?
    The chemistry, how is it?
    You said that being in a relationship with him is no different than what you guys are doing now... Is it a sexual relationship? Is it intimate?
    I need more information to give a fair answer but... Besides the lable of "relationship"... What does it matter to you if he accepts that you guys are in a relationship or not if in fact you are having a relationship with him?
    You call him your ex? Well this may be the reason why he is hesitant in calling it a relationship in the boyfriend girlfriend context, even if that's what it is in reality other than by title.
    My advice would be if you want to work on this "relationship" with him do not get caught up on semantics and titles... Just let it be what it is and eventually he will catch up with you wanting to title and label the relationship for your own self security.
    Just go with the flow and enjoy each others company!

    • We'll at least Then I Know IM Some WHAT Secure WITH Him Again And We Can Spend The Holidays Together As One

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    • How long will it take him though because I do want to spend the holidays with him

    • I'm sorry... I couldn't say without knowing him or even knowing the real dynamics of your break up or current relationship... But I could suggest trying not to use the words "relationship" or boyfriend or girlfriend with him... It's clear he is at odds with the term and the last thing you want to do is keep aggravating that trigger.
      Your a woman, be a little sneakier about it... Maybe just tell him you would really love it and would mean a lot if he'd spend the holidays with you... Or maybe ask him what he's doing for the holidays because you want to invite him to spend them with you.
      I think the key in your case where he still willing to spend time with you is to lure him into a sense of security and well-being... Without any pressure.
      Remember, you are his ex... There is a reason why he is your ex... Give it time and let him re establish a connection with you on his own terms if you wish to keep him in your life.
      PM me if you'd like to discuss details in private.

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  • Well, it is different for him, he knows that, and it's bad for you.

    • How is it different and how is it bad for me

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    • Not him, you, ie the relationship as is, is not really a relationship. There is no commitment, you are stuck in hope of getting a commitment. You can neither move to a new relationship or grow the relationship you have. That is why you are concerned, right?

    • YES BUT Seeing THAT He Is My Ex I Have Seen Improvements In Him with getting closer to me

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