What if you are not a girl's first or last love, do you still have a special place?

A girl's first love always has a place in her heart. This happens when she is young and she is likely to always have a special place no matter what. A lot of it has to do with "innocence" I guess. Maybe she might not be in love with him anymore but it is still sweet and cute.

A girl's last or current love is most special because she is with him now in the moment and is actively loving him. It might not have that same innocence to it, but she is involved with him so he has her heart.

But what about the people she loved in between her first and last. Will she still have a special place for them too or not really? Does it depend on the circumstances?
What I mean is a girl's first love is in conjunction with her youth and her more "innocent" days. So it has a youthful and innocent effect to it.

Versus relationships in adulthood might be better in many ways, it does not have that innocent vibe to it.

As adults you can look back and think "oh we were just kids" and you can't do the same with adult relationships. So I am thinking anything negative that happens in an adult relationship are a lot harder to be forgiven.
I am in a state of breakdown. Help...


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  • There is no definitive answer. I don't have a shred of feelings left, nor do I ever reminisce about my ex's (except one), my first boyfriend included. I only move onto new relationships when I have closure in one way or another with my previous ones. It may not be a nice thought, but you aren't a significant person or memory to every person you've dated, and maybe everyone you've dated isn't special to you in any way, not anymore.

    • Which ex do you reminisce about?

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    • If he is in your life now than he is not an ex

    • We aren't dating, but we still love each other, and we're best friends, but a relationship isn't our priority now.

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  • meh, for me it'd b a no. i never planned to have anyone between my first and last tbh. i wanted my first to be my last, but life isn't like that. anyone in between is merely a learning experience, not someone who has a 'special place'.

    • Well that makes me feel like shit... putting sequence over quality

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    • youd be surprised. my mindset is in the minority a lot of the time if that makes u feel any better.

    • No actually yours is the majority when it comes to this

  • I think every girl remembers each of their past relationships since each guy is diffrent and each guy does diffrent cute things.

    • That might be true. Just what if you end up between the first and last? What makes you so special?

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    • Well unfortunately I am not her first nor can I guarantee that I will ever be her last. She may be my first tho. But I can't be hers. That's the thing.

    • It's all up to you. It's all depends if you really love her.

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