Left without an explanation and a goodbye.

2 weeks ago my ex came back into my life and said he still loves me and that I am the one for him and he said he wanted to make things workout between us. The next day I told him that I slept with someone he knew on our breakup (I was single) but they aren't friends, they just see each other at parties. My ex was pretty hurt and mad, but he said we were going to move forward. Thirty minutes later, my ex was gone. Left without an explanation and a goodbye. I am getting passed it, but is there something that I missed? Should I text him or leave it alone.

He has hurt me mentally and emotionally, but he apologized for it. What do I do?

also called his house and he hung up and I called again and his grandma he was in the shower


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  • Whether you're together with someone or on a break from them, sleeping with their friend is a no no. He was hurt by what you did and thought that he could get past it, but he couldn't. I think deep down inside you already know the explanation. You added fuel to the fire and made everything worst. For whatever reason you two broke up previously, this added to the hurt that he felt from the past. Maybe he needs some time to get over the hurt. Maybe this really is a done deal. I do not know. If he still loves you his heart will point back towards you, and he will be in your life again.


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  • Whether you meant to or not, you've just given him a test.

    He broke up with you, right? If he can't handle the fact that you slept with someone else after that, then he lacks the self-control needed to be anyone's boyfriend. In that case, he fails - there's clearly no point in taking him seriously.

    If he can get over himself, then that's a good sign. If so, you can make things easier for him by reminding him that you're interested in him, not some other dude you slept with a while ago.

    • I broke up with him 5 months ago for the 100th time because he didn't want to be with me and wasn't happy with our relationship. but he came back in my life 2 weeks ago and was so determined to make things work and he even missed and talked to my mom, so what's the issue. I just wanted to be honest with him so we have everything laid out on the table...

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    • Now I think I understand.

      He sleeps with girls right away after a breakup.

      + He's mad at you for sleeping with someone else months after a breakup

      = He's a douchebag and is incapable of being a boyfriend.

      That's a glaringly obvious double-standard. Does he think he's more important than everyone in the world, or just you? The math says: he's a loser. I'd never behave like that and I can't respect any guy who would.

    • He left me clueless. how can you really love someone but leave them over something like that. I don't think I've done anything wrong. I was just being honest and I didn't even have to tell him but I did just in case it comes from someone's mouth ya know? well should I give him another text/call or just let it go?

  • The amount of charity and good will that you can muster for each other seems to be at critically-low levels. Perhaps time apart is best for now. I mean really, what can you do?

    • Exactly what do you mean?

      You think time apart right now?

      who should make the first contact?

      and should should the contact be made?

  • How long was your break up?

    • Our break up was for 5 months.....but we been together on and off for 2 years

    • I don't think you should do anything, you have done nothing wrong.

    • Okay thank you. I guess this is his way for pay back or trying to make me feel like I did something wrong...

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  • Honestly, it really does depend on how your ex handles his feelings and emotinons... If he can find it in his heart to forgive you, he may come around... But remember even though you were single number one rule is never date your boyf or exes friends.. As far as the part were he tried to act like it was ok... that is normal, most men try not to let things get to them but them it all sinks in at once.. that's pretty much what you missed.. He didn't have it all in when you told him and he said that you two can move forward... My best advice is to wait a bit.. give him space... don't send him anything or bother him just yet... wait to see if he comes around.. Wait about a month before you call or try to send him a sorry.. Hang in there girl sometimes the only way to learn is to make the worst mistakes... Good Luck...

  • Let it go.

    • What was his problem you think? and I'm letting go slowly but surely

  • Oh wow. he was pretty hurt I guess. but since you said ur break was 5 months that's a really long time to not mess around with other people and see other people.


    i think you should give him a call or text him, and get things str8 with him ! (if you care about him and wanna work things out)

    ;) goodluck

    • I texted his grandma's cell because his phone is off and I don't know if he got it, so should I call the house phone? what if he blows me off again?

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    • I don't know. Try to call, but since he hasn't even called me in 2 weeks, I'm guessing he's not ready to talk, or not going to speak to me again, but he was wrong for just leaving without words...would I be stupid to call? I don't want to be disappointed if he doesn want to talk to me...so I'm guessing I'll leave it alone

    • Yeah I really think you should too.

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