He told me he wants to be friends but won't respond to my text?

ISo there is this guy that I had a crush on. We have been "friends" for a while. We went to prom together and went out like twice after that. So at first I did not have any feelings for him but then I started to have some feelings. Two weeks ago, I told him I liked him. He told me that he didn't like him and that he thought we were just friends from the beginning. I'll be honest and say that for a period of time, I was pretty sure he liked me. He showed all the signs of liking me. Anyway, he said that if I wanted us to be just friends, then that was fine. So I did the mature thing and thanked him for his honesty and told him I wanted to be friends too. He responded saying "thank you". So then I asked to change the subject and he asked me what I wanted to talk about. So I responded by talking about school and he hasn't responded. It's been about two weeks now. Should I just forget about him or text him again? I mean he told me he wanted to be friends... so I'm just wondering why he isn't texting back?


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  • Correct me if I'm wrong but I think he feels a bit salty or not bothered to answer you, probably he did like you and feels offended that you wanted to be friends, and thus can't be bothered to pay attention to texting back or just taking his time, but I may be wrong here. Two weeks is a long time though, maybe he didn't see the message? You can ask me for more help if you want.

    • Thank you for responding!! :) I'm just confused because I admitted my feelings to him first. If he did like me then why didn't he just tell me that. I just miss talking to him but I don't want to text and sound desperate. I've gotten over thinking about him romantically but I do want to be friends. I told him that after all. Should i just move and not expect friendship even though we stated that we were friends? or Should i text him again? I'm ok texting but I just really don't want to sound desperate.

    • No problem! But let me tell you, "she's desperate" is totally the last thing a guy is going to think when a girl texts them :p You should tell him how you feel! Just straight out with it! :) If he does't respond, just forget about him he's not worth your patience and time :)

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