Do husbands come back after dumping you 5 months ago?

My husband dumped me 5 weeks after my dad died because I asked him to buy Pokemon cards for my crying daughter.
will he see the error of his ways and come back.
He says he doesn't love me any more and i recently caught him talking for 3 and a half hours to a girl coworker (who is also separated)
he hasnever once regretted leaving or wanted to come back


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  • Pokey man didn't do it, lol. He was just waiting for any excuse to arise for him to run out the door to pursue this other woman.
    Sorry for your loss I hope you can move on faster just knowing that this was bound to happen anyway. Nothing you did or didn't do to cause this potential divorce. No matter what he says. It takes a man to be a husband of faithful devotion regardless of issues and or speed bumps in a relationship.
    that plain ass cruelty it took to not support you through your loss and to find an excuse as lame as buy a kids toy to be the boiling over point. is absolutely ridiculous. He was just waiting for this and the timing of your fathers passing just delayed it, wow he must be thinking of what a saint he is to wait 5 weeks. That should be enough time for you to heal.
    please do yourself a favor forget what this ass is doing and who with. Cut this dude out of your life completely. this is nothing you want back in your life.
    You are going to need to accept that you are now divorced in your mind and soul.
    You are going to go through a long process and I pray it doesn't get too messy. Regardless of what obstacles are ahead you are far better off cleaning your mind and heart of this person to someday get to place of complete security and inner love for yourself with the help of your Creator.

    • thank you for the upvotes and MHO , uhgg sorry you you have to deal with this

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  • I just cannot get my head around the reason for him leaving a marriage because of a request to buy Pokemon cards for his daughter. It doesn't make any sense to me. If that's truly the case, why would you want him back? He doesn't deserve you.

  • Wait he broke up with you because you wanted to get pokemon cards for your daughter?

    What a douche. Your dad died and his daughter is distraught. He fails as not only as a husband but as a father as well.

    I'm having a stroke brought on by the sheer stupidity

  • Do you need this guy back? He sounds like a real winner.

  • Why on earth do you want him? He sounds like a piece of shit.


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  • Look at his actions

    Are they of care and remorse?
    Since clearly not , don't expect him by some miracle to be the man you wish for.
    It just won't happen.
    As much as this hurts , you have to move on.

    Sorry about your Dad.
    Hold on to the family you have left , that cares and try to gravitate towards eachother. Move on instead of looking back at a person who made every move according to their wants and needs.
    He's selfish.

  • I doubt he dumped you over the Pokemon cards. That was clearly just the last straw. There really is no timetable for anything pertaining to love and loss, so there's always a chance he may want to come back. The only way to know is to call him up and ask him. So very sorry to hear about your father.

  • Are you serious? I don't think he will come back.


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